Ford Capri Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3.

"The Car You Always Promised Yourself" was the eye-catching slogan used for the Ford Capri, a rakish two-door coupe launched by Ford of Europe in 1969. Eyeing the popularity of the Ford Mustang in the States, Ford executives on the opposite side of the Atlantic were keen to emulate some of this success with a coupe of their own. Sadly, while the US coupe featured a V8 in its line-up, the Mk1 Ford Capri was never blessed with such a lump under its sweeping bonnet, although a V6 was an option for anyone who enjoyed a dab of opposite lock on any roundabout, greasy or otherwise.

UK-market Capris.

At the launch, cars destined for the UK market were powered by a 1.3 or 1.6 four cylinder inline Kent engine, or the 2.0 V4. Later in 1969 the range would be joined by a 3.0 V6 engine fitted to a new model, the 3000GT, endowing the car with power more in-keeping with its image.

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In 1972 the range would receive a series of revisions, this version retrospectively known as the "facelift Mk1". In 1974 a more comprehensive overhaul of the Ford Capri formula resulted in the Mk2 Capri, or Capri II in the marketer's parlance. An example of the Capri II is shown below.

Capri II.

Example of a Mk2 Capri coupe

Enter the Mk3 Capri.

In 1978 a further round of alterations saw the Mk3 evolution of the Capri roll out to the dealerships. By this time, sales were ebbing away, in part thanks to the design's increasing age, and in part due to fierce competition from the likes of GM, with its Opel Manta, and a bevy of Japanese coupe offerings.
In typical Ford fashion, the Capri III was available in a huge variety of variants. Owners looking for Capri style with low running costs, may have opted for the entry-level 1.3 or 1.6, while those looking for the looks but with a higher level of specification, would probably have ticked the box alongside the Ghia version. In 1981 the 2.8 injection arrived on the scene, outing the 3.0 from the brochures and selling alongside the four-pot versions. The 2.8 version would soldier on until 1986 when the final, 280 Brooklands limited edition versions, rolled off the line.

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